Who does not want to set up their career but at times it feels very tough to do so because of the growing competition around us. The only that can save us from falling back in this competitive world is the fast and constant updates of what surrounds us. Today we are going discuss Jobatus, an amazing platform that will give all the latest updates regarding any job posts. So here we will try to delve deep into this platform, thereby covering all the major details about the same. Thus, keep reading this blog till the very end in order to most out this information. 

An Overview Jobatus

Jobatus is a fantastic web-based platform specially designed for the residents of Brazil from where they can get all the updates related to jobs. Through this website, users or audiences can all the updates related to any job posting throughout the country. Apart from this it is not only made for job seekers but for also companies, by this, we mean that they can post their job vacancies in order to search for efficient employees. Above all while you access this platform to cater to your needs, you will also get access to a plethora of tools that will help you enhance your experience on the platform. 

Features of Jobatus

When you access the Jobatus to begin your job search, you get multiple enhanced features on hand. And it’s through these features that you will be able to boost your experience of using this platform. 

Multiple Vacancies: You will get to see multiple vacancies on the platform, all these vacancies are of different variations. Through these variations, the website has several opportunities related to most of the fields. 

CV Creation: The users of the website also get the features through which they can create and upload resumes on the platform. While you upload the resume on the platform, it will be displayed to several companies who match your preferences. 

Advertisement of Jobs: Companies who post different job vacancies on the website also get the feature that they can advertise their post on the site. When you use this feature your post is marketed by the platform itself. 

Friendly UI: The simple design of the site has made it user-friendly, thereby allowing you to navigate through the platform easily. 

Steps to Use Jobatus

Now that you know that Jobatus is going to prove highly beneficial for your goal of creating a bright career, then you must follow these enlisted steps to access this website easily to unleash a whole new level of opportunities for yourself. 

Step 1: Undoubtedly the foremost step is to open any of your preferred “Browser” on your chosen device.

Step 2: As you open the browser, now you need to use the search bar in order to look for the official website of the Jobatus.

Step 3: Now from the appearing SERPs select the official website, which is most likely to be the top result. 

Step 4: As soon as you land on the main dashboard of the website you will search a search bar, and from there enter your job designation, city and so, on to get the results. 

Step 5: Now from the results select the job that matches your preference and finally send your CV for the same by hitting the “Apply” option.

Note: While you access this platform you will asked to choose whether you are a candidate or posting vacancy from a company, and based on that the dashboard may vary.

Benefits of Jobatus

There are tremendous benefits to using this website for your job search, some of the most applauded benefits that one can extract from Jobatus are mentioned here. 

No Limitation on Posting: If anybody is posting on the behalf of company, then unlike any other platform you will not have to face any kind of limitation. This means you will get an opportunity to post unlimited on the platform. 

Free to Use: The Jobatus is completely free to access both for individuals and companies. You do not have to pay even a single penny in order to post or to apply for any post that has been opened on the website.

All Update: When you access this platform you will get all kinds of job updates on this platform, which means you will get to see job postings related to several different fields, thereby providing you with a neverending opportunity. 

Get Highlights: While you post any job vacancy on this platform you will also get the feature through which you can highlight the jobs. Even individuals can mark the job posting if they want to apply for the position after making the decision.


Jobatus can become one of the major sources from where the residents of Brazil can get unlimited career opportunities. This website was developed keeping in mind the necessity for the people or the youth to build strong careers. They have been serving this purpose very strongly and have also made constant efforts to provide all the latest updates to their users. So don’t forget to try your hand at this website for a plethora of opportunities.