The THING of requesting, ordering, and doing online purchases of products and services is known to be an electronic procurement, sometimes known to as e-procurement or supplier exchange. The process is business-to-business.

E-procurement: what is it?

E-procurement is exclusive to registered users and uses a supplier’s closed system, unlike e-commerce. Interactions between clients and preferred suppliers via purchase orders, invoicing, and bids are made easier by e-procurement.

After Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) was developed, e-procurement began in the 1980s. Ten years later, EDI advancements made it possible for businesses to create online vendor catalogs. These days, E Paddy Procurement includes contract administration, electronic orders and payments, supplier evaluation and selection, and much more.

How is e-procurement carried out?

With e-procurement, you may do away with the need to manually complete tedious procurement-related chores including filling out supplier onboarding questionnaires, exchanging supplier contracts, and holding eAuctions and eTenders.

Through the use of a centralized platform, the process links different entities and procedures. It encompasses supplier information management as well as supplier relationship management.

Schedule of the Paddy Procurement Camp, Registration of Farmers

Bengal (West) a new program called the Kharif E Paddy Procurement Scheme has been made available to state farmers. Assisting the recipients is the primary goal of this program. The government provides free rice to the 10 crore eligible beneficiaries under the WB Kharif Paddy Procurement Scheme. However, in order to receive the free rice benefit under this system, each farmer must complete the online E-Paddy Registration. Following that, you are able to take part in the annual E Paddy Procurement Camp Schedule.

Since December, the program will begin to pay benefits. Everyone can utilize the registration URL that the department releases to finish the registration process. Candidates should refer to the E-Paddy Procurement Camp Schedule and Registration Guidelines, which include eligibility requirements and a registration link.


In conclusion of E-procurement, is selective to enlisted clients and utilizations a provider’s shut framework, in contrast to online business. Cooperations among clients and favored providers by means of procurement arranges, invoicing, and offers are made more straightforward by e-acquisition.

After Electronic Information Trade (EDI) was created, e-obtainment started during the 1980s. After a decade, EDI progressions made it workable for organizations to make online merchant inventories. Nowadays, e-acquisition incorporates contract organization, electronic orders and installments, provider assessment and determination, and considerably more.

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