See calling is something that makes the world move. Like it is the fastest way to communicate and calling is the main reason behind mobile phone being used. From JAVA to smart phones, it has seen many changes, but calling is something that is the core of selling these products and with addons, people pick which mobile they wish to purchase.

So flagging a number means that if it happens more than once that number should be monitored by government people. This tells the worth of working hard and making things work the good. Hence, this sets right examples and make the world saved from so many problem.

Making calling ethical?

Every year, people find different ways to make frauds and these things lead to many people to empty their bank accounts and it happens with people all over the world. Not at all, it seems the creative angle that people should work upon. Hence, calls should not have that fraud. Like there are many phone calls that people do rate as spam. And this makes many educated people aware. But not all have that technological understanding

Hence, it has made people have so many ups and downs. And hence, we are here to talk so many things that can be worked upon for making the telecommunication better and risk free as much as it is possible. Hence, many do use login for the same.  

Hence, they do fall on the trap. This is the trap that makes a nation good or bad. See India is famous for making best of tech people, but those who fail they take things to bad levels and start fraud. And it has taken billions of USD away from good people. And an ethical nation like India should not used at all.

Then somebody can say that the world is ethical, so working now would bring the best changes and these changes are what that set the lives for good or bad reasons.  This makes things monitored for the good and set it for leading lights ahead. And hence, callings should be monitored by the officials if they feel that it can do bad and good. Many might say that this is not right. But these bad people have to look from these angles only for making internet and other things famous at the very best level. It is what the key of working in a better manner is.

Final Take

See learning about basics is good. But the implementation is something that all needs in life. And calling has to work for good reasons and not bad as this is the way that tells a person to shine in the creative manner. And the creative touch makes people work hard for good reasons and not bad. And it would make the work of police easier as they can work on other things that are crucial for a nation. Hence, the overall development would be harder to get and the world would be as it where corruption is a venom.

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